Crown Dada For (2019)

by Dada Yow / babel
14th February 2019



1. A simple haemorrhoid and a punk toaster will reduce your ability to get flu. I won’t bore you with the science, but it has something to do with potassium and orgasm attacks. And, of course, a soft witness for the behind is a type of false reconstruction.

2. Red static will cause your child to leave the cobra out (and all I got was sexual intensity).

3. A low-fat distraction, a hat, going down to disappear like an adventure. This is the curse of the battle cry. Diet for oil, beyond the pirates of the smell. This may happen if you live on the river and drop your podcast in the water.

4. Hunger control – curing the cold and sucker magic.

5. A big disc cyber cure for some people, and lousy freedom drinks to destroy female follies. This function prevents history lessons and big ritual votes.

6. Recently, I forgot to gulp.

7. I cannot over-stress the importance of the following information: The terror of Tinseltown will know us by the cash and lipstick. The brown voodoo wolfman will cause a bloodbath for the state sheep.

8. This is the Last Big Toyland.

9. Do you really have junk mail up your nose? Do you really? Mister Blue Hell is Der Führer. His pütsch adds weapons of holiday persecution.

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