Crown Dada Speaks Once More (2019)

by Dada Yow / babel
9th March 2019



1. Subject to imaginary things, forced aside from many children I’ve seen in America…

2. While strapped to a rack in a public inquiry…

3. We’d find someone on a machine (something that allows a party, that the kid at the end possessed).

3(a). The unit taking in and stealing fraudulent totals (sold).

3(b). Figuring; people might begin to ask just how much money. The value system and remote control were divided into eight trash bags that appear to be controlled or ridden by sensation. They access his remains and memories, forcing the illegal depictions, then trump up a lot of restaurant individuals for a couple of bags of merchandise (perhaps 50,000 dollars to speak anything they want?).

4. Why was your brother shot in the head with a west indian curry? Is this some kind of talent contest?

5. I notice that they openly started convicting a few. Arguably they want them to experience audio, video and bodily charges (absent of intent, where everybody is dumping the remains behind an auto).

6. Guilty to lose all their stolen cases where the business owner said “sure”, a crime in progress.

7. Locked in the truck.

8. A nazi recruiting poster.

9. Computer gear through images they perhaps deleted or witnessed…

10. Wasn’t even charged with a hacksaw, and their arms are flailing about in hidden property movements…

11. Suggesting, with enough ego, the demonization of the innocent (including the exploitation crews).

12. He truth in me writing tame is rasputin you haveblood your nu got gonorr a sister yo family threw you out thhea and yourens paid youree drag quesex change you met me i to start aer you lovedam your sistyou didn’t recognize me even if i shot myselthe truthis e just minutes ahead of fin the fac fire eatg ugly is an opportunityruth is beinng better.

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