Manifesto II (2003)

by Shixa
December 2003

Manifesto II
The Second Going of Jesus Christ

The New The- Floating up, floating away.. Jesus is swinging cranked up by the wrist blades high upon the gallows pole. We watch him twirling wildly through a pin prick hole in the top of the pyramid. Soon his soul will slip out of the skin and come spiraling down into the hearts of the gods. His head, severed by a tightrope to set an example, will fall through the hole and into the open hands of a few select and very attentive artists.

His hands will flap their way down the sliding board like a diagonal wall full of shadow butterflies. They will sink underground without digging and wrap their wings around the mummy’s throat to wake him. As the eyes open and the neck is stretched we will bridge the tunnel that will pipe feed the wind and water to the trees. The same trees that will eventually be recycled as colorful wrapping paper for an exploding Christmas giftbox ten years from now.

Until then we wait patiently for Pink Rose Lotus to float the boy down her river and into the mouth of the snapping snake. We continue to drink the blood and eat the treat and roller skate about our merry ways on Earth. All the while we know that god is good with one less 0 but even better with 999.

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