by Serner
27th October 2003


(this is courier, men! mowing like a snake, ey!)

ALITERAL func(hausmann revisited, “a wireless link grenade”) var string_conscious; is dada _???_ do you want to save the last postings? yes? no? yesno? :: the content of dada _ is _ m _ ight TIFFer (and/or the avant garde – you should read this not too long. eyes get STAKEd) :: recording :: the critical :: mass :: according wether your are approaching from an institution, company or TAZ zone (hakim beys revenge >> spam father and flash mob guru! bow in secrets! func(lost)). within an istitution dada is a ready-made 2nd order call it dada[array1][array2], eg.g. dada[loading][dose]___/

DELITERAL func(chamber,pot,”lost in spacer”) you have to learn :: (first condition after forward timer) :: its YOUR working day! your search on avantgardistic practices: 72,100 window seats (google replaces institutional cannonades within proletarian seconds;). your neighbour used avantgardistic practices nr. 146 – 236 (his champer_pot is quite _ still important or relevant _). you have to learn :: leave your company and run :: every link near your pc screen is a trap into a literary fact_ory (and EVEN you do not get famous. you can attend a local flash mob. to play at high volume – turn on your windows! claim the main: _blank, _top, _parent, _self___/

SUBLITERAL func(ex factory,serious number XXX,”money has no holes”) the goal (final draft – typewriterness aka last bohemic gesture left so :: [ALT-B] is. to keep the number of pages as fast as possible. (discuss this message or consider inviting your colleague to this presentation!) _ in the age of new media and the internet _ in the age of new media [REPEAT THIS PHASER] _ use wildcards to find your party :: da*da*da*da* (THOSE COLORS OF A SESSION) in the age of new media [REMIX EMPIRE UND PROST] a dump of avantgarde practices will be usefull (TREES ARE JUST ARGUMENTS) :: come gimmy a hog (panjabi mc :: tune out) ___/

1 paraphrasing Raoul Hausmann “Alitteral Delitterel Sublitterel”, Der Dada 1 1919, S 3

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