Manifesto: This Is No Place For You (2001)

by mycat8u
29th October 2001

There is no beauty in confusion, unless it is the confusion of our genuine attempt to emerge from the state of thoughtlessness to the state of thought. The carnival is an upsetting of the established order, but the carnival is not an end but a means. After the work of Dada introduced chaos into our conceptions, the work of Mada must be to reintroduce coherency into the void at the center of the mind of our members – that void from which only incoherencies spew forth onto an html posted page. If the avant-garde once stood for anti-art, by now anti-art is another mass-produced cosmetic nothing. There is no meaning to an avant-garde that today continues to repeat parrot fashion the banalities of the 1920s; indeed, this is not today avant-garde – it is reactionary and counter-revolutionary! Only the true bourgeoisie spirit (confined, crushed and unthinking in its narrow self-absorbed pettiness) can fail to understand the real meaning of Dada to Mada. Only the impoverished and reactionary mind can find a subliminal message in the graffiti of out of date and irrelevant post-modern academic utterances. There is beauty in the world today, but it is a beauty of interaction, not of cacophony. The revolution arises through carnival, but the true carnival arises through awareness of one another outside of the borders of everyday life, not of parroting the once fashionable trash of the University. Those who fail to realize this have no place except where they always were – somewhere else. Those who make the effort to surpass their own egos will join us were they always are – nowhere.

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