Manifesto 011110 (2001)

by babel
10th November 2001

Degrees of certainty

Service above self

That one’s easy. But what about service below self? That always gets forgotten in the golden-heart-person-of-the-year awards. All those misdeeds, undoings, unravellings. They take a certain talent

2 absolute 0

Where it all begins, give or take. Never miss a chance to annoy the scientists as much as they annoy you. Approximate, de-classify, let the chicken salad universe go free-range. For a change, or something like that. Slack is essence.

When jealousy of the certainties should make a start:

Level 1

This is no small step: a coagullation of matter from void to a definite point in time and space. Which could go as quickly as it came (what were we thinking?)

Yet the change and motion implied by this first static reference is what gives us time…

We’ll ignore it, this time. Unless you have the time, talking about time is generally a waste of it.

The irrevelations continue

2 ∞

Is this what it amounts to? Correct me if i’m wrong, mathematician. After the void, another: from here to as long as you care (to count). For this moment, your time is a discount, a sales voucher in the chainstore mall of life. So why not cash it in? You would be stupid not to. Mathematician?

Beyond service

This one has got to hurt.

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