Crimes Of The Future (1988)

by Joseph Zozaya

we shall know man again here…


Man must reign as something imponderable, an unnatural creation with a certain genius and despondency, he must evict everything that curtails him to the present.

The men who commit the crimes of the future shall be unknown, yet they shall subsist within the range of our understanding, they will be plagued by doubt, but it is not communal.

The ‘madman’ by definition, is a man unfit to see to his own disposal, the act of hostility is not madness though, but temporary lucidity.

Preciseness of form shall be adhered to, then vacuity and finally turmoil, ending with ruination.

the result,

the obligation of emptiness…

The martyr shall be elevated, only through finality can we realize our own mistakes, that we must continue, that we must follow the depleted cycle.

Everything shall be conquered and subjugated to the confounded senses, indulgence of action shall never be a possibility though because already we are ensnarled by the ennui of our current droughts.

Man must allow for an imprecise future based on destitution, the mesmerism from implacable faces contrived in open spaces, and pessimistic urges that levitate from the corners of the abyss.

There must be room to situate ourselves within the trivial aroma of our surrounding, insomuch as it is the only habitat of our consensus.

We shall abandon the plague, we shall let it rise like a wave, revolving around the sublimation of residuals, it will find itself eventually regressing towards mankind again.

the veins are open…

The crimes of the future are necessary, they must be implied, they must reach us here, those who reside in the past.

We can never become the future, we are distinct from distinctions, we are transposed onto something else, we are forgotten at the moment of our depletion, and our conception.

The earth is the hollow enemy of the eye and the sun is a follower of the animosity permeated by shadows, those of our own.

To those we see once again,


We wish you repetition, as we ourselves have experienced it.

to those,

who endure the crimes of the future


Joseph Zozaya

z808 theoretician

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