Implicate Manifesto Of The Absurdist Writing Group z808 (1988)

by Joseph Zozaya

Written by chief protractor Joseph Zozaya

On an insignificant day in 1988

signed in avowal by 808 dead men


the doctrine of an untangled order shall subsist to destroy and invoke persistence into all human methods…

we, the implicators of a precise future, dissolved by contemplation of the temporal, the unifiers of debility and awkwardness, allocate our corporeal totality to become tangled in refusal, assertion of the quasi-negative, traversed by renunciation and declination, evoking the urge of senselessness into the sparingly abject mist of the present

saturated by dependence upon particles, motioned by hands which decline

evading the plethora of congruity which subjugates men as a habitual part of existence, oppressed to each other merely in recognition of professed idiolects and semblances of archetypes, accepted only in retribution by an omnipotent power of conduct, deluded by visions of the ‘other’ as immaculate exemplar, consuming innocuous breaths of repetition upon imitation

eyes which stare at obese bestialities

we procure an end to the deducible arrangement of putrefaction and worship, although we ourselves take into recognition that mankind has certain particularities which have never, nor will ever alter or concede to opposing impressions and therefore we are already a vociferous carcass of the neglected past

ornate, the ramifications of suspension


the absolvers of a dead future, we, the group z808.