Franko Busic

Milan, Ljubljana, Split, Ivanic Grad). Japanese Television NIPPON HOSO KYOKAI made the documentary film about his work (in Ljubljana 2000), while OTV devoted him one of its TV shows “Lollipop” (Rijeka 2001).

He is a member of the World Haiku Association, honorary member of the Otocani Theatre – Ivanic Grad; he is the member of the SRP review editorial board – Ljubljana ( Furthermore, Franko Bušic is the winner of two Letters of thanks for humanitarian contribution to plastic art (Split 1997. and 1999.) as well as the winner of the second prize at the 1. Slovenian Haiku Poetry Contest (Ljubljana 1998.) He also played football for Slovenian literary football team.

During his career he has also been the member of: International Poets Movement POPOPO – Ljubljana, Haiku International Association – Tokyo, The Haiku Society of America – New York, as well as the member of 5 less significant associations from Slovenia and Croatia.

He has published a lot of poerty, fiction, esseys, comic books, illustrations, collage and photographs in number of Slovenian, American, Japanese, Greek, Czech, Jugoslav and Croatian magazines and publications; the most significant of which was cooperation with the SRP and Apokalipso reviews from Ljubljana and Nova Atlantida from Kranj. The data about his work can be found on the world art pages by searching Franko Busic, Franko Busic, Franko Bushic and Franko Bušic on Internet.

He participated in number of literary gatherings, art colonies, multimedial happenings, as well as in 26 collective exhibitions in Croatia and Slovenia; he also illustrated number of books and magazines and is represented by his haiku poetry in two anthologies.

Franko Bušic
Žitna 13
10310 Ivanic Grad
tel. 01/288-2257
mob. 091/250-3378

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