Emmy Hennings

Born 17th February 1885 in Flensburg, Schleswig, Germany, died in 1948 in Magliaso, Ticino, Switzerland. Wife of Hugo Ball. Made his acquaintance in 1913 and went to Zurich with him in 1915, where she helped to found the Cabaret Voltaire and took part in its performances. The Z├╝rcher Post wrote of her on 7 May 1916:

“The star of the cabaret however, is Mrs. Emmy Hennings. The star of who knows how many nights and poems. Just as she stood before the billowing yellow curtain of a Berlin cabaret, her arms rounded up over her hips, rich like a blooming bush, so today she is lending her body with an ever-brave front to the same songs, that body of hers which has since been ravaged but little by pain.”

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