Romanian Revolution (2015)

by Hudrea Sabina
4th November 2015

Here is the story of my beloved country.

I am Romanian, proud to be so! I love my mountains and my friends and family!

This is the story of a country that has been robbed of everything: its past, present and future.

The story of a country that has all the natural resources: gold, oil, fields of rich land for agriculture, the Danube filled with fish, one quarter of the country covered in century-old forest.

This is the story of a country that has the human resources: top mathematicians, doctors, poliglots.

The country where the first writing in the world was discovered.

The country where the latin language was born, the country that is now acknowledged by every respectable historian as the cradle of European civilisation.

This is the sotry of a country and a nation that has been robbed of its past and identity.

In the last 25 years everything was sold and destroyed, our factories, our gold, our oil. Corruption grew and grew and it became a way of life, from the tiny to the huge: everywhere you go you have to bribe someone! From the school secretaries who will not stamp your student licence (that gives you 50% off on all public transport) if you do not bring coffee and flowers, to the top officials and heads of state.

As the population became more and more angry they started protesting. The answer of our officials was: Who doesn’t like it here is free to go! The result: 20% fewer doctors in 5 years… all our highly qualified brains have left, because they were invited to leave the country from our heads of state.

Others with college degrees went abroad to Italy and Spain to pick strawberries and send money home to thier families to survive. There is a whole generation that will come after us of children who grew up without parents. A psychologically damaged generation of children who grew up alone or raised by relatives.

They robbed our identity, invited everyone who spoke against the system to leave the country and crushed the spirit of our nation.

Our future: no doctors, no engineers, no parents and no hope.

This is the result of the last 25 years. No past, no present, no future!

“The day we give up is the day we die”

The people in the streets are my generation. A generation of experiments! Our grandparents fought in World War II, our parents made a revolution in ’89. Now my generation woke up!

And we demand that our brothers and sisters come back home and the politicians leave instead. We demand our honour and identity back.

Romania is a bomb ticking!

This is just the beginning of my generation’s revolution!

by Hudrea Sabina

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