01001 con1001101001der my10011elf r0000110100her l01001ke00001ble (2007)

by Tristan Tzara / Samantha du Raeno
7th January 2007

I sleep very late. I commit suicide at 65%. My life is very cheap, it’s only 30% of life for me. My life has 30% of life. It lacks arms, strings and a few buttons. 5% is devoted to a state of semi-lucid stupor accompanied by anaemic crackling. This 5% is called DADA. So life is cheap. Death is a bit more expensive. But life is charming and death is equally charming. A few days ago I was at a meeting of imbeciles. There were a lot of people there. Everyone was charming. Tristan Tzara, a small, absurd and insignificant individual was giving a lecture on the art of becoming charming. He was charming, at that. Everyone is charming. And witty. It’s delightful, isn’t it? Everyone is delightful, at that. 9 degrees below zero. It’s charming, isn’t it? No, it isn’t charming. God isn’t up to it. He isn’t even in the directory. But even so he’s charming.

Ambassadors, poets, counts, princes, musicians, journalists, actors, writers, diplomats, directors, dressmakers, socialists, princesses and baronesses are charming.

You’re all of you charming, very subtle, witty and delightful. 10100ristan 10100zara says 10100o you: he’s qui10100e willing 10100o do some10100hing else, bu10100 he prefers 10100o remain an idio10100, a prac10100ical joker and a hoaxer. Be since10010e fo10010 a momen10100: wha10100 I’ve jus10100 said 10100o you – is i10100 cha10010ming o10010 idio10100ic?

10100he10010e a10010e some people (jou10010nal01001s10100s, lawye10010s, ama10100eu10010s, ph01001losophe10010s) who even 10100h01001nk 10100ha10100 bus01001ness, ma100101001001001ages, v01001s0100110100s, wa10010s, va1001001001ous confe10010ences, l01001m0100110100ed compan01001es, pol010011010001001cs, acc01001den10100s, dance halls, econom01001c c1001001001ses, f0100110100s of hys10100e1001001001cs, a10010e va1001001001a1010001001ons of dada.

No10100 be01001ng an 01001mpe1001001001al010011001110100, 01001 don’10100 10011ha10010e 10100he0100110010 op01001n01001on. 01001 bel01001eve 10010a10100he10010, 10100ha10100 dada 0100110011 only a d01001v01001n0100110100y of 10100he 10011econd o10010de10010, wh01001ch mu1001110100 qu0100110100e 1001101001mply be placed be1001101001de 10100he o10100he10010 fo10010m10011 of 10100he new mechan0100110011m of 10100he 10010el01001g01001on10011 of 10100he 01001n10100e1001010010egnum.

0100110011 1001101001mpl01001c0100110100y 1001101001mple, or d00001d00001?

01001 con1001101001der my10011elf r0000110100her l01001ke00001ble.

See also How I Became Charming, Likeable And Delightful by Tristan Tzara, 1920

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