FlopPidisk (2006)

by Nihilmantnk
Friday 13th January 2006

I am 1 part of floppydisk, formatiert und my name ist Nihilmantnk.
The others are….. formatiert > Punt
Und surely not last Perdiscus fuse alias Budada

Perdiscus uses puntt, Nihilmantnk = FlopPidisk
We discuss and debate roundsquares in endless loops not knowing front to back in dutchman’s english.

We endlessly do the same with nothing.

391 = today’s number, go out and enjoy misfortune as if you never come across 1. Friday jason rules the day.

Taser-happy cops floor suicidal six-year-old
de verwarring van ieder voorwendsel …… in mijn geval in ieder geval.
i swallow till i burst of rays straight out of the heavens of all.
No tsunami will eat sushi tonight on the side, right?
suns of storms i see whole points do dot dot matrix x x x x x x – ——>
redeem a file——-.=”0″>

google_adparts of our everyday sensory experience_width = 234;
google_adFiles are removed from the system after _height = 60;
google_ad_format = “234x60_as”;
google_ad_channel =”3,1457

< script type="text/javat" src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication and come!/pagead/show_ads.js">at whichsource you see me at half past 3

= look for CNN now as specially London bombs never niger with food neither do I and cnn will cover it blanketstyle I hers amnopoor say, that cunt!

…..>>> at which script does this spunk clusters a zgger in niger knows nothing of bombs and food before he dies<<<<<<.....redeem a file-------.="0">

now go and link it to http://www.research.att.com/projects/tts/demo.html and download the file.

A True & Tasteful xsample of my mind.

A good day,
Nihilmantnk 1 part of FlopPidisk

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