Boushbou is Dada; Dada is not Boushbou (2006)

by Jordan Krall
July 2006


a document of quiet things, clacking things: wet things, sleeping things. Walls and fingers thereof.
A thesis against the laws of civility or excitement.
For sublimity maybe and only

Two cups of tea, ether made.
3′ Relax, esther, we are albums sleeping too
Bore sha zeen a ben Noe te Lakay Motie ya um toe
Four four empty china cra
Cking down e lowse
There’s a fish in the higher courts
Bring down the doctor; he is sick with the hoof!
Smoke sandwiches for the kings and queens
And intellectual disaffectionates
Crisp the reactionaries, 4′
Theres polkadots in our roots ; hitting the strum … and locate the boring attitudes
Reling quished. Bring down the antique smiles and nods . build up a new face
rivers wrinkles washing dimples tasking fibs
bring down the overhead lights lasping
a lapid lake top a’ head whisping
8.) two pyramid structures in modern architecture, lightning made by spoilers commence!
language made by gentlemen of the law cracked under foot…feet!
boring authors of this, shudder and weep lowse hoof!

document 1993 giraffe on bicycle: oil and pastels on layered canvas:
long necks abound to trees of yellow/brown paneling (found idea in empty glass case at university)

document 1994 giraffe on bicycle II: pastels and oil on tinted glass:
two wheels buckle throughout town (further squanderings from empty case

document of fruit in mouth, 1993

document: a tank, untitled… long days into the sun (wherever dreamt or spat) mechanical

moreso: factories off the main road. Could be a holiday thing, gags and motels. Passionate ropes.

the great legend and myth of the musician responsible for sounds: ah, fet, zo, w.. ; Plucked dull.
Germany in the 14th century, France in the 5th. Poland in the 19th century, Russian in the 8th. A great castle and then a great flood.
Lost the instrument, began to fly again. Dreamt in fevers yet drove in carriages within horses, within towers and kites. The titles of the pieces.. also dreamt.
Eight and then eight and then four and then six. Nine and then eight and then six and then three.

document for being, real and touchable suitcases

document for dreaming loss and dreaming leaking feathers and grey skin

sounds found within mouth, like words. Ribbon sha! Ribbon

Act! There are riots in the high courts! Act!

heavy in atmosphere cawlooom cawlooom cawlooomdew booompt 1191

strict discipline speaking efforts; documenting actions accumulated in seconds

document two: 539a, motionary reaction to stimulus = tongues and then brick ribbons

events sections 1-52:
collage : notion
fishing tables ankles (5-50)
early brawn

fragile branches and bumps, sweet salty and moist

arguments for culture ; a saloon for new awakenings, leaves and toy boxes

in the garden; roots and being tired. lock lock lock lock

day one: such

day two: such 2

day three: such 3 – 60 years

the museum has corners, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, dusting them accordingly

the bulbs musty / (vines and vines along wall)

sounds ; special walls

yellowing scratches and lining along concrete leaf

documenting yellow royal keys

By firelight: activities in park:
Lotion on the papers create government
Flies tempting grass
Number 8 (boar)
Ka / End game sum

it was nice of you to find my ear-fish and paddles, I almost forgot that I lost the most intimate screeching of my wallet. Walls feeding peanuts. UUU UUU UUU UUU UUU UUU UUU.

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