Terminology Poets (2002)

by mycat8u
7th February 2002

In the slums of Philosophy and Absurdity, Microsoft, in December of 2000, a hotheaded thief in hiding from scorned cyber affairs met a cynical lonely loser looking for thrills and romance. Both sought deliverance from their less-than-enchanting chatroom.

After serving time in brutal England, the thief returned to Philosophy and Absurdity in February 2001. Hardened and marked as a chat whore, he was unable to hold a conversation because of his record. He and his gurl soon resorted to hijacking thoughts and leaving a trail of bitterness, jealousy and disgust across five MSN communities….

They continued to elude hundreds of the envious ones for nearly two months before they were brought down by a pack of blood-thirsty sheep on the outskirts of their hideout (Terminology Poets…)

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