Dada Manifesto 2001 (2001)

by Dale J. Sprague

“For the subjective artist, authority about art belongs exclusively to the artist.”

This manifesto, a general public proclamation, is made for the subjective artist; this excludes commercial, social, and communal artists who do indeed, need their critics, pundits, movements, and schools, but they should learn first if the art at hand is executed by a subjective artist or not, before applying their informed scrutiny to it.

  1. Dadaism for the subjective artist maintains only one affirmation…that the authority about art belongs exclusively to the artist..that is, no one else but the artist.
  2. Given this qualified affirmation, art is limited and dimensioned to the number of artists and their expressions, and to their imaginations and sensibilities.
  3. The ‘mission of art’ is success, as defined by the artist.
  4. The ‘purpose of art’ is defined only by what compels artists to express themselves in their medium.
  5. The ‘target audience of art’ is exclusively first..the artist, him or herself, then ‘all and everyone.’ Any public appeal that one’s art may have is coincidental with respect to the artist..and with respect to the public, related only to what the artist may have in common with the public.
  6. ‘Art criticism’ is exclusively reserved for the artist and limited only to the artist’s own work.

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Original endorsers of Dada Manifesto 2001

Dale J. Sprague; Seattle, Washington
Noah Sprague; Seattle,Washington
Jonah Sprague; Seattle, Washington
Rachel Sprague; Seattle, Washington
Olga Darian; Odessa, Ukraine
Katie Rose Murray; Seattle, Washington
Lydia E. Anokhina; St. Petersburg, Russia
Alexander Reinhardt; Seattle, Washington
Reginald D. Atkins; Casper, Wyoming
Phoenix Grey Parrot; Casper, Wyoming
Julia dolphin Trahan; Seattle, Washington

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