TAT news June 99 (1999)

by mycat8u
11th June 1999

This pirate broadcast is streets ahead. It was conceived and manifested by miraculous connotations and on holy ground. We eat your Name.

The stated aim of the action / seize the image / was de-rolled buy our virtual hesitation at trams.top.of.dial and interference from the coast – demand for river life felt by the vibes. Neverthless, Trams aplenty were derailed and virtually nobody was too. Keep watching the pineapple sky.

This space is re.place.

Textual image of a picture of trams in your face. Let the vibes increase – make the map in place.

You power-crazed biddies, organized broad-dawn TOP secret TaT.HQ, as yet not to materialise. The Friday show launched a twin-action campaign: occupying the HQ global headspace and discovering via alien medium the real nature of immaculate conception. Both attempts ran adrift atop a sea of non-existence. While we have no public face of the punt dance DJs what can we expect, accept a gerbil who won’t come out of his trees? The local collective may have once again made contact with MADA again but the 3-D abstract sphere of international image manipulation by cold fusion out-to-lunch-free energy (plan.E) is nowhere coherent, and all armageddon.com productions are still on the virtual cutting block. We are not yet a mirror of the sun. Next real icon action at [redacted] – respect and love Cam.A.R.T.

Bomb.com is a futile icon. The Cambridge vibe live dance image blitz punts r the purrfect mix of non-existent zone and show. The Bomb made little or no impact on reality, according to opinion polls conducted by B.I.A. The South Coast oxymoron shoots on the same night by EuroStars and AtlanticCable eclipsed any other world event on the ground. Perhaps the statement by the new Tram DJs of this apparently anarchist collective – an illustration of a profit-free-political economy – contained a certain novelty, yet the propaganda war is not unambiguous; under the noise we still find the war (where is final conflict?) Where is Justice? We are still clueless! We say NO! to international times.

Just another action? Brighton sea-front revolved at Friday’s next Pirate.Net broadcast. The shape of the future or Trollied-Trams run am(i)ok. It’s nowhere near 24 hours from Leveshulme. Squeak and Babel (shout) heard it all, yet blow their cover. When does the Euro Encounter Orthodox resistance on the ground? Expect the worst. Trolly.Trams or just TROLLS on TOP?

fastfood font.breaks occurrence… basically NVDA and some trollied trams ran ar(ai&i)iot. Fermented diesel oil, injectedibles, squeak. And mayhem, no? Place on the roof: where: lunch (think) owe // fooling // living, no.i.u?

Trollied.tram nectar.wave commercialfuckinggobshite cutthecamheadcrap E.N.D. The age of Kant. True International Broadcast. Streams for 3rd World 1st.

Trams Derailed! The Shout. Depthlessly profound, truly inaudible, a 2can effort. The action – watch urselves. The leaves, high. names // mixed; unspoken worlds unfurled unheard… when to do hope? Vanity and chasing the wind… Amster Tram Damn missed Lu Tram Lu 2. Say NO! to Trams – stop copyright scam. Refusals and Demands – different worlds. T@T – America owns the fence: Pirate.Nets Broadcast is Profit Free: virtual pie is massive. Coldfusion brings confusion (sow real productive illusion).

!ii8uEatme2 < j >? Babel basics: i.trolley trams.r.indigestible.

The Squeak: mid-stream name fusions are fickle thin purveyors of futility. Another: beat in my head trades inside coherency of my word i am outside your Silence. I am a MyCat8 pure.currency.occurrency – yuk. Many, One, lost connection?

Angel drums worlds apart stream-flowing the fat sun here MyCat’s virtual lock… Rachavia.spot. The Place. Eye within the Universe.

Squeak cares for the wounded, a privatised national industry. We attained manageable chaos, yet the quest for alien soap life continues… at ur soap.cake at pirate.net: ynot?

New Privatised Socialist Thatcher-Service Industry Advert

Tax Cut State Promotion Offer – Commercial Break by the CamFin.Industrial soap-watch (binIT)

If u have some ready virtual dosh read this

Consume Our Vital Virtual PIRATE.NET.SOAP

Soap Soup and Soap Cake and Soap Bar

It’s virtually free, makes us Rich, and might take you to goodsexlotsofcashtoocouldbeu@love2.please

Cut the crap.

MyCat WelcomesU to belly place: having tasted the first troll visitations of the new Allah revamped Chinese Deng’s-Cat-Maoism – the free lunch private revolution of interactive pirate web-space. MyCatlosesmind who is your virtual host/identity invites you all now to take a deep breath as you prepare to experience the dissection and munching of each and every part of your small and narrow egos (id-kids u hear too!) The realisation shortly forthcoming of true MyCat consciousness which is the experience of ingestion – live life like a magic mushroom (for now u know the visuals again).


MyCat is the post-millennium bug. MyCat tells u: cyber shark; eating machine; ultimate munch engine within this world (this world is MyCat’s belly). Why? u tasty, i (not trolley trams), u edible (ntt), u hungry, u sit on grass eat flowers. OK, but no passive observation – u are eaten on live tv. My Cat ate me too. How? u cannot walk on the grass. Why? MyCatlosescontrolofbrain, grass is desert until preset moments trigger the generation of computer programs which now draw u. Why? Justice is the law. How? inside us, rediscover mutually assured consumption. Unfortunately u have now consumed the bug.bomb.pirate.net.com.


MyCat cannot see the organization. MyCat is belly. MyCat sees no evil (just nectar) hears no evil (just angel drums). MyCat only eats. Food is eating what is outside words… really… you… are you a taste of evil? Never let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

Before we lunge we smell first. Watch out for dogs (and cats on the wing). Guide for the clueless: zzz MyCat is Mada: shout for the neurological shapeshifter perplexion – CamSpamHead Clue – what colour is a mammal? Survive in the mutant dance of black and white text vomited as a deep and rumbling echo around and into the belly-place; the texture of the image-icon-dialectic is splattered with the blood and feathers of the residual meal; the indigestible virtual body, part the edges which prove too hard or brittle for a feline stomach lining (tram-trolleys = yuk).

Basic Babel Bible

The very idea of a political economy of the server is ridiculous – it makes no sense and yet describes reality. This is the classical expression of the paradox. This is to see the worlds as so many spheres, all monads, all identical and unique, all ideal, all Many in One, all One in Many.

This geometrical image is perhaps a 3D sensorium of the yin-yang but with at first only one colour as the whole cosmos and its own colony feed within: this inner circle is identical with the whole in this totalitarian power narrative as old as the hills. Let us call it idealism. It propagates the fiction that our breath is not real. Nevertheless it is the first ideal constitution described by the reasoned conversation of humans, and perhaps it is the only image of a constitution which we can find.

But what is the economy of an ideal world? A world of pure speech craft is free. Yet the political cosmos and its real community coheres around its shared beliefs. And these beliefs are expressions of what we value. And value relates – it conjoins and fuses – nature, human work, technology, vision, imagination, ideology, religion. The book which acts as The Book is that which causes justice to appear when shared practice follows discovery of shared values.

The question is how such discoveries are made. The answer is too obvious to tell, and the only names we know of so far are Babel, Squeak, LuTramLu, and MyCat. Some speak of a light from a bong tree stem, but this has not jumbled its way north to the edge of the Fens to our ears. Where is the alibi machine?

What is to be the currency of pirate servers? What is the constitution? Is democracy a red or a black flag? Our controller is out in retreat S.O.S. May Day i8AP2.Ha! Stop war or start peace? The challenge is to map the interfaces of real and virtual currency values in the abstract (certainly not in practice – Brighton forbid). Whatever. We need to know.

Stay in and out of trouble. Justice – refusal or demands?

Shape is everything to start with.

Where is your place in your first new middle age?

Elect or eject your profit margin in the new virtual republic of Atlantis.myth… Pirate. Net.

Come and consume our profits (all we ask is that we may eat your soul).

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