Manifest I of the Sociological Art (1974)

by Hervé Fischer, Fred Forest, Jean-Paul Thénot
7th October 1974

Hervé Fischer, Fred Forest, and Jean-Paul Thénot decided to constitute a collective of sociological art that can function like a structure of reception and of work for all those having for fundamental theme of the research and of the artistic practice the sociological fact and the link between art and the society.

The collective of sociological art notes the apparition of a new sensitivity for the given social, bound to the process of massification. The present settings of this sensitivity are not anymore those of the link of the individualized man to the world, but those of the link of the man to the society that produces him.

The collective of sociological art, by his artistic practice, has the tendency to put the art in question, to put in evidence the sociological facts and to “visualize” the elaboration of a sociological theory of the art.

The collective of sociological art fundamentally resorts to the theory and to the methods of social studies. He also wants, by his practice, to create a field of investigation and experience for the sociological theory.

The collective of sociological art takes into consideration the traditional ideological attitudes of the publics to which he asks. He resorts to the methods of animation, inquiry and pedagogy. At the same time that he puts the art in relation with its sociological context, he attracts the attention on the channels of communication and diffusion, new theme in the history of the art, and that implies also a new practice.

Hervé FISCHER, Fred FOREST, Jean-Paul THÉNOT, Paris, October 7, 1974

Published in the Journal Le Monde, October 10, 1974.

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