Manifesto Of Monsieur Aa The Antiphilosopher (1920)

by Tristan Tzara
5th February 1920

without the pursuit of I worship you

which is a French boxer

maritime values as irregular as the depression of Dada in the blood of a bicephalous animal

I glide between death and the vague phosphates that scratch slightly at the common brain of dadaist poets





tariffs and the high cost of living made me Decide to abandon D’s

it isn’t true that sham dadas have Deprived me of them because

here’s enough to bewail the nothing that is called nothing

and I’ve cleared illnesses at the customs

I the carapace and umbrella of the brain from noon till two o’clock

two hour’s subscription

superstitious releasing the mechanism

of the spermatozoon ballet that you’ll find being dress-rehearsed in all the hearts of suspect individuals

I’ll eat your fingers a bit

I’m renewing your subscription to the celluloid love that creaks like metal gates

and you are idiots

I shall come back once in the guise of your renascent urine as the obstetric wind of joie de vivre

and I’m going to establish a boarding school for poets’ supporters and I’ve come again to start again

and you’re all idiots

and the selfkleptomaniac’s key only works with crepuscular oil on every knot of every machine there’s the nose of a new-born baby

and we’re all idiots

and very suspect of a new form of intelligence and a new logic after our own manner

which isn’t at all Dada

and you’re letting yourselves be led astray by Aaism

and you’re all idiots


of the surgical spirit of purified sleep

of bandages

and of virgin


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