mycat8u was conceived in a bored living room complete with computer and a newly activated Internet connection. And so mycat8u first emerged into the world through long, strange, novel and rather twisted hours communicating anonymously with Americans. She soon went back to sleep again.

Some little while later, however, during a single moment of truly Interactive Internet Broadcasting, mycat8u was reborn as a Nuisance Noise. Under this guise mycat8u flourished on various message boards, in various chat rooms, and has been depicted in countless web pages. During a short but brilliant career, mycat8u conducted (and eventually won) a three month war with a fascist chat show host, conducted a further war with a misguided Internet community manager (who had carelessly banned her from the community), witnessed the subsequent destruction of said community, began her own community (the now defunct ‘Terminology Poets’) which ran for some three months before she banned all but three of the two hundred odd members of TP, took part in countless flame wars, and was accused of everything under the sun by various passed over cyber ‘one night stands’ – one of whom went so far as to pay the FBI to start a file on her.

Having passed through all of this, as bored and dissatisfied with human communication as ever, mycat8u was intimately involved in the re-founding of 391 as Satisfied that in 391 she had finally found a place to rest, mycat8u committed voluntary euthanasia on December 4th 2001. To the discerning, mycat8u will be remembered for her pink font and his ambiguous sexuality.

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