391.org Dadacast #4

25th March 2006


Special edition: “You Know Those Days Where You’re Stuck In A Cell Between Two Bored Prisoners With Attention Deficit Disorder Whose Radios Are Only Tuned To State-Sponsored Dada Stations That Play The Same Crap Every Day?”
Escha, St.Lucy-du-Haha, Zwischenräumlich, babel

“Adopt symmetries and rhythms instead of principles. Oppose world systems and acts of state by transforming them into a phrase or a brush stroke… What we are celebrating is both buffoonery and a requiem mass.”
– Hugo Ball, 12/3/1916

“The ‘simultaneous poem’ has to do with the value of the voice… The noises represent the background – the inarticulate, the disastrous, the decisive. The poem tries to elucidate the fact that man is swallowed up in the mechanistic process. In a typically compressed way it shows the conflict of the vox humana with a world that threatens, ensnares, and destroys it, a world whose rhythm and noise are ineluctable.”
– Hugo Ball, 30/3/1916

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