The Lost Manifesto (2009)

by babel
1st March 2009

This is the lost manifesto.

Visions that were there and then not, digital vapours that were here and then lost.

What do you seek? Were you sent by a searching engine?

An engine is a machine that converts one form of energy into another. Into what do their engines convert your energy?

No doubt you will look again, seeking endlessly until you are found.

— Interval —

That moment of adventure, myopic religion or garotted fervours, calculated indiscretions and extended passions for the forgotten. Techno-mausoleums, those vanquished arbiters of bad taste, always looking for the next Big (Bad) Thing. And with the counterproduction of lesser known ambits, digital coprophagy sends their tastometers apoplectic. Softer, they plead; wither, they beg. This is not the only vestige, but a vertiginous foothold (footfall, handgrab) of moments.

— Redeal —

please be patient,
i seem to be
my mind,
my instrument
for instrumentally

] a [

— Epilogue – Has dada sold its soul? —

Starting Points for Ideas

– Visual imagery is a language. What does the language of dada communicate?

– How has dada impacted music in general, and popular music in particular?

– How have community-based art forms like murals, stencils and screen printing been affected by dada?

– How have alcohol, tobacco and drug companies targeted dada to different racial groups? What are the other ways that dada affects these communities?

– How does dada affect gender roles? What are its impacts on women, body image and self-esteem? What are the different ways in which women of different races are affected? How are LGBTs affected by dada?

– What are the effects on men? Men of different races?

– How are the identities of teenagers shaped by dada and commercialization of dada?

– How does dada affect working people, labor unions and perceptions of class?

– How does dada affect you personally? How does dada impact your ideas of pleasure and desire?

– How is the news media affected by dada?

– How is dada tied to globalization or gentrification?

– What would a city without dada look like?

– What are the negative aspects of dada?

– How could dada be reformed? Can dada be reformed?

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