manifesto of klitink (2009)

by klitink
13th March 2009

this text derived out of pure necessity, for modern day life is a life completely subservient to the mass – production and consumption – society. the streets are covered with propaganda-like advertisements, extolling over-reproduced unnecessities, the fashion-shops are filled with uniform mass-fabricated products, the music industry is undifferentiated where every tune sounds the same as the tune before, and every tv-channel brings you the same pre-rendered formula, a consistency of the same general programs, all in favour for maintaining the piercing pressure of an antique archaistic society.

the mainstream culture absorbs these given guidelines without a moment of consideration. and the sub-cultures just follow along, to fit in a certain type of pigsty. everybody adapts to the so-called group they want to belong, adjusts to the uniform dress code and social intercourse linked to that particular group. they wear their mass-produced skin and live their rigid, strict lifestyle in complete blindness. like pigs in mud they are, digging and digging, deeper and deeper into this mess.

for there are no individuals.

for there is no culture.

for those who are blessed/cursed with the internal cravings of the eternal loner;

klitink officiates as a sanatorium, as a sanctuary, as a moment of contemplation. we have killed the inventor and flushed his notes, destroyed his laboratory, and raised klitink in the air as a newborn baby. we have thrown away our blinding blinkers in order to be exposed to the magnificent world surrounding us, we have burned the premeditated maps so we can travel freely into the unknown, all in favour of the experience.

we glorify the childhood state, in which everything is new, where a whole wide world lies in front, ready to be explored and nothing is taken for granted.

in klitink, everything is as much right and wrong, as it is not. we live for the experience.

we love dynamics, we love flexibility! everything changes and so must we, to grasp this moment!


therefore we are interchangeable, we are dissolute, we are inscrutable, we are wrong, we are right, we are left, we are unexpected, we are boundless, we are countless, we are incorruptible, we are rash, we are highly low-budget, we are unquestionable, we are desultory, we are art and we are artless, we are a harsh sounding device in a soundproof booth, we are the antidote for the disease we are, we are nothing and everything, and most of all,

we are not welcome at other people’s parties.

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