"Unpredictable and unrepeatable, “Urbanalities” is a quirky-yet-profound piece that offers a variety of views into the quiet and chaos of contemporary life... as a commentary on the existential mêlée of contemporary life, [it] is a success, the generative nature of the work creating a constantly shifting, unrepeatable audio-visual experience."
- CultureNet

Urbanalities is a cross between a short story, a poem, an animated comic and a musical, based loosely on the story of one young woman's day in a modern city. The text is generated randomly as you watch, so you will never see exactly the same story twice.

It is specifically not interactive - there is nothing to find, or click. The piece takes approximately ten minutes.

Urbanalities was exhibited in:

• FILE RIO 2007 - Electronic Language International Festival, Oi Futuro Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2007)
• Videomedeja 10th International Video Festival, Museum of Voivodina, Novi Sad, Serbia (2006)
• Autostart: a festival of digital literature, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA (2006)
• FILE 2006 - Electronic Language International Festival, SESI Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil (2006)
• Jury Selected Work (‘interactive’ category) in VIII Salón y Coloquio Internacional de Arte Digital / Eighth International Digital Art Exhibit and Colloquium, Havana, Cuba (2006)
• The Electronic Literature Collection volume 1, The Electronic Literature Organization, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA (2006)

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