Access Points
   was conceived of and edited by Hooshla Fox,
   with an unbelievable amount of help from babel.

Hooshla is a somewhat megalomaniacal stuffed (plush, not taxidermied) fox. Lately he has been presenting himself as friendly, thoughful, and caring, but don't be fooled. He spends his time studying human nature and observing our vulnerabilities. He intends to locate our Achilles' heel and exploit it mercilessly in his quest for dominance. His work might seem progressive and occassionally sanguine, but, in fact, he is relentlessly mocking our entire species.

This project is a perfect example. It is meant to intimidate us by demonstrating that Hooshla knows where the power lies.
Hooshla assures us that there is nothing we can do to prevent him from taking over. Perhaps he is right. He is immortal, after all. But we shouldn't cry about it. A world run by Hooshla might be a utopia. You never can tell.

   The following people contributed these amazing pieces to the project:
   (The rest was created by Hooshla Fox as part of his nefarious plan.)
    90.9 FM
    BIG bookstore chain
    cat [para]site
    30 pieces of silver / take the money and run (with panoptica)
    The News (with hooshla fox)
ben de lisi
    televisual (with jenny asprey)
    Doctor's Office
    saphyn logo
inese vepa
    musa [fly] (with babel)
jenny asprey
    televisual (with ben de lisi)
juli singh
    all you need department store
    the turtle and the scorpion (with panoptica)
    the turtle and the scorpion (with juli singh)
    30 pieces of silver / take the money and run (with babel)
    Cc (Copycat) (click on the kitten)

   But no one knows where the hen came from.