To: Members & Assistant Managers Of Community

Agenda: Required Steps To Keep Membership Valid

I feel that there are better ways in which to disseminate the following information, but this format will have to suffice. First you should know.. My eccentricity is surpassed only by my vanity. And my vanity is surpassed only by your empty theorizing. This does not make Cynical Blues happy.

While you put on a good dog and pony show, I would like to remind you that this is not the fucking "Community Of Contemptible Prudish Freeloaders" (Great Meow & Marmite Pixie's new realm of Christianity) Active participation is required. Are you following thus far? No? Okay, I'll try to be a lot more specific and concrete so we can try to remedy these shortcomings of yours.




Effective as of March 12, 2001 3am - CST, I will be randomly addressing each and every one of you in the forum "Voices Of Irrational Reason". Once called upon, you will be given 2 days in which to respond (give or take depending on my flexible moods) If you do not act immediately or your reply is deemed unsatisfactory, be prepared to reap my whirlwind.

I'm sure you're shouting "outrage". I can accept this and to prove just how much I sincerely care for you (the bootlickers) I'll even be so generous as to send an email when I call your name. So, I suggest if the email address you provided is not legit that you correct this error in judgement at once.



Now, enough of the pillow talk. Let us (together) move on with committing character assassination and engaging in full-scale vendettas.


Cynical Blues