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'My night of passion with Soft Drink'

by Vixen Beetley (c.o. HMS Holloway)  

I first met MyCat8U in Stringfellows when I was 13. They let me into the club because I was wearing my school uniform. I drank there every night, and during the days I worked as a topless model, posing for pornographic videos in the exclusive private school my parents had forced me to attend.

I first noticed Soft Drink when he came up behind me in the school car sheds and asked me if he gave me the horn. He had a big one. He told me he was a rock star and had loads of money. I didn't believe him at first, because every trolley-tram I meet says that to me, then he whipped out a wad of crisp 100 notes and showed me his sparkling new diesel combustion engine and collection of cd album covers featuring nude valkyries writhing beneath naked spotted snow leopards. Then I snorted cocaine up my exhaust pipe and he rammed hard up my rear bumper.

Little did he know that through my asociation with MyCat8U I was now a highly trained trolley-tram assasin, a member of a secret society of glamorous 70s style, kinky leathered upholstered villainesses. As Soft Drink hooted softly in my ear, 'You blow me away', I did.


Chairman Meeeow speaks from the banned members cage  

I remember as it were tomorrow the genesis of our association in a low place called the whar-e-house , born unto a cat called Ninja.

There were many fools there in that factory squat, as I recall. Likewise many cats, and their names were green mammal, Arusha, shape-shifter, nectar, LuTramLu, Masticke, Babel, myself and Squeak.

I recall tall men with foolish haircuts, and incessant ambient music pulsing throughout the establishment. Into this I was born, and expected to thrive. But not I.

I refused. I clung to my mother's nipple, and demanded suck well after I was weaned. Thus I was cast out onto another server of even greater, more badly-dressed clowns. These it was who denuded me of my testicles and gave me my common name.

Here it was too that I learned to crap only out of doors, or into a vessel containing soil, or some such substance. Thus, by the time I returned to the place of my birth I was hardened to the vicissitudes of life, and armoured to confront misfortune.


Marmite Pixie

Still a bit bemused by Lillith's obvious dislike of me. If I knew what had really pissed her off then I would be sure to do it time and again!!


Alternative Skinn

I'm sure we all know all those perverse "mistakes" in the more recent Cyncial Blues films. Not only has Booz raped MyCat and Babel's stories, but the angry laid off artist, soundboard editor, etc, has added in a few candid moments. For instance, who can forget the day they noticed that the priest in Lilith the Mermaid got a boner. Or the time you could lightly hear myself make sexual comments towards Ardra on the balcony? Now, Booze's newest motion picture ( I know this comment is long over due), Scents on Splattered Moderns, has come to a new high.... Yes, the music used in the promos was from none other than the beloved Clueless System itself.

and here I thought ArtEficial was the anti-christ...




I don't mind having a look and a go on your testify game, but it said: 'You are restricted from this area. You have been restricted from accessing this area by this community's manager or by CWD.'


your hands my dears, adorable

lips of tenderness?

whats a free sheep to do

our ban to mar or mend?

leave something in the end...

silence where the clover grows

reflections in the rain

dead leaves remain

thank god thats done

i'll take the tram

quit of the trollies

and you.



Euthanasia Report

agressive euthanasia hitlist

Ubermunch (aka twat)

F14_D (later reborn)



Spoon Fairy

What resisters of the TRAM are subjected to...

Accidental death of an ubermunch (did he jump or was he pushed?)


Spoon Fairy found Terminology Poets gloomy, depressing and condescending. Following a frank request by ArtEficial to see her without her top she tried to hit him, then tried to kiss him, and finally in a flurry of misplaced emotion, commited suicide.

Last testimonial of spoon fairy: "Being the mindless sheep that you all say I am, I am attracted to green grass and brightly coloured flowers. So I'm off in search of greener pastures and a shepherd who will not skin me alive for selfish, morbid pleasures."

And we only wanted to see her naked!



From: F14_D Sent: 3/24/2001 4:36 AM 16 of 25

It's hard for me not to be offended. I'm not bothered by what may be direct insults toward me, just what seems, from my own inference, to be assumptions about my views and those with similar views think.

Are you saying that some of us are mindless sheep?

I understand an attack against me, but, being honest here, if what I've assumed from your post is correct, that is a big reason why I am not a member of the liberal, or whatever party that thinks in such a way, fan club.