Bit Of Biography

All of twenty-three years old, KuroBeauty, has already made quite a name for herself in Cyberia. Her incredible journey began when she met her mentor, a mature, slightly balding, certainly chubby, sixty-eight year old Zen in the romper room known as "Older Men Looking For Younger Girls." Bedazzled by Zen's lethargy, she would follow him any where... she had to. The couple soon made their nesting grounds in Philosophy and Absurdity, Microsoft.

Power, greed, and irrational thought soon corrupted the vile couple. Unsatisfied with being a mere member of the room, Zen, took on the role of "chat room designer" extrodinare. Tying down the room with his elite cable connection, happy days resumed for the couple. Daily activites included banning anyone who disagreed in thought, typed in caplocks, or males who proved to be more popular with the ladies than Zen. Unfortunately these blissful days were short-lived when suddenly Microsoft made seemingly uncomfortable changes pertaining to hosting duration. KuroBeauty and Zen's reign of terror had come to a crippling end. Fearful of the backlash he would receive.. Zen vanished leaving KuroBeauty to persue an internet career in fucked-up racial concepts.

Months later Zen re-appeared, but the room had, by now, taken on its own entity. He quickly re-established his relationship with KuroBeauty, who by this time, was certainly deranged and incapable of any reasonable discussion among her peers. Fortunately, Zen, came to her rescue. Presently the couple have returned to their breeding grounds. They currently find peace in frenetically searching for pseudo-psychological terms with which to incorporate into mental dissections, which ultimately delude them into believing this is some sort of credible substitute for a life.

We wish them the best, and if you're reading this Zen or KuroBeauty - our offer still stands to pay for psychiatric treatment.


Zen, are you in one of your comas again? - moderatelygrumpy

Scene Two..


If We read much more about this creature I'm certain we'll join together, hold hands, and collectively throw up.