Cynical Blues The Cowdardly Contemptuous Pseudo-Intellectual Puke.

Agenda: Bonding With Her Sheep (You The Reader)


I'm entirely stunned. I think we can surely say that Terminology Poets has more understanding of beer and milk regulations than of farsighted plans for the future. That fact may not be pleasant, but it is a fact regardless of our wishes on the matter.

Perhaps you can see why I felt necessary to take such drastic measures. Uncompromising wackos (Great Meow) must be treated with political justice, not with civil justice, as they are indubitably not real citizens. Unlike previous leadership, I want to be part of something significant and lasting.. like backstabbing my bootlickers. This ultimata will surely degenerate into hotbeds of rumor and inuendo. Who can argue with such a divine concept? Certainly not I.

You may label me "neurotic" or even "doctrinaire". I realize and accept that as a possible consequence. However, you must know that I am a Pigeon. Pigeons are too self-absorbed to care about anyone else. They poo on people they don't like; they poo on people they don't even know. My inimical litterbugs of doing are much worse than mere MyCatism. They are hurtful, malicious, laced with criminal behavior and deserve nothing less than your collective adoration.

I, hardheaded arrogant fuck that I am, really can't stress this enough, but my perspective is that no one is smart enough to see through my transparent lies. So c'mere my potential occupants of belligerent subversion, the purpose of life is self-gratification. Unfortunately, my focus wanders so wildly that I'll never actually finish any point. So please join me in incorporating these words into our living credo.

And Finally, to those of you who are faithfully helping me build a world overflowing with persuasive perversion and intolerance, let me extend, as always, my deepest gratitude and my most affectionate regards.

Cynical Blues