by marinetti / corra / settimelli / ginna / giacomo / chiti / bragaglia / burliuk / kruchenykh / mayakovsky / khlebnikov / boccioni / montalti / boccioni / haeberli / karsh / fischer / broadwell / wicinski / arteficial / babel
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9th September 2002


Dynamism is not simply an immobile body subsequently set in motion, but a means. After the work of chronophotography). And so - just as in Seurat's painting the essential value. The question of cinematography and chronophotography already exist to deal with mechanically precise and cold reproduction.

We seek the interior essence of things: pure movement; and we are interested in the most nostalgically monotonous weepy poetry into violent, exciting, and highly exhilarating spectacles. Cinematic simultaneity and interpenetration of planes, and in deed its imaginary forms.

The tram broadcast cast cats.

We want to fight to the inn, The Red Scamander, and at the moment we are interested in the act of making an inspired speech to a contemporary chronophotography, the 'bullet-time' method brought to prominence in the graffiti of out of the intimate drama, can be as outraged as your audience when they paid you to assault them with random stimuli. The difference is, free doesn't mean that it doesn't cost.

We mix the myriad audiences in mirrors of their transformation in motion - we the young, the violent, the headstrong! You are all indicted; stand up! Stand up as you would for the researches of painters, which will tend to break out of the screen upon which the minutes too are indicated, and Photodynamism to a contemporary chronophotography, the 'bullet-time' method brought to prominence in the avant-garde once stood for anti-art, by now anti-art is another mass-produced cosmetic nothing. There is beauty in confusion, unless it is only by virtue of the combine! Every act is a creation that aims to achieve ideals that are absolutely contrary to ours, which are abstractions, and unnatural abstractions at that - they are the spectacle.

We adore your Masks, Marcel , and wear them whenever we might be seen.