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beyond zero2one
samantha du raeno

to establish a universal (external) absolute, we must examine to the (anti-)methods that will give us this 'knowledge'. We are looking, in this case, for something beyond the scale of zero to one.

001: 'Revelation' (from the outside)

010: 'Enlightenment' (from the inside - in fact there may be nothing 'outside' - so in this case our objective truth is the paradox that there is no objective truth)

011: Negation

Negation? 0:1 is here as negation of the value of meaning. We live life without knowing how to live life - why worry?

Yet without knowing, how can we be sure that we shouldn't be worrying? If being sure means existing purely for the moment, sensory enjoyment and immediate action rather than contemplative thought, it gives us a the levelled existence of animals. If our distinctive function is thought (the capacity for reason and contemplative thought), perhaps this ability is a curse, to be suppressed for the sake of a 'happy' life.

Of course, the thinkers would urge reason: with or without knowledge of meaning, 'happy' is a subjective term and state of existence, happy for 'me'. Perhaps this is all it can ever be - but without meaning, can it be enough? If our distinctive capability is reason, perhaps this capability will find a more satisfactory set of non-subjective meanings, or alternatively justify the belief in subjectivity.

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