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Nu11e [Zero]
Georg Lakoç [translated by Inese Vepa]

00. As I ignore those who ask me to write here, I ask you to ignore what I write here. I write to display process, and wish to dismiss my (visible) output to render only the process as the original input. Thus my snake eats its own tail, and slowly extinguishes until only the memory of physical (object) representation remains.

01. Multiple streams of extant experience embody the physical representation of our memories. The conclusion: my process, my 1:0, is 0 (nothing, destruction) and 1 (unity, synthesis). They are the answers, they are also the questions: they cause their own existence-set, whereby the rules of binary activity are the limits of that set, be it branching, confrontation, unity, destruction, or the continuing paradox of the (non-)existence of the set and its members.


(0) 1:0 as absolute and independent contrast, equal and opposite (or opposite ends of a spectrum - of infinitely dividable proportion?)

(1) 1:0 as simultaneous representation of difference and similarity, also independence and interdependence.


The art of Tai Chi Chuan is based on the philosophy presented in the Tai Chi Symbol. In order for one to make better and more fruitful progress in Tai Chi Chuan training, one must spend time to research the meaning hidden in this simple symbol. This symbol is also known as the Yin Yang symbol. It is a circle divided into two equal portions by a wave-like line with one portion shaded (Yin) and the second unshaded (Yang). The shaded portion has the white dot in the center and the unshaded portion has the black dot in the center.... CLICK for more...

Without the other, each is incomplete: only together are they a whole. Each is the opposite of the other, in content not in form, and they are as interdependent as they are independent.

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